Raquel Kurpershoek voice
Alejandro Hurtado guitar
Danny Rombout percussion

As a child, Raquel always enjoyed many visits to museums with her father. It was on one of these visits that Raquel saw a book that had a profound impact on her: “The 7 Wise Princesses” by the poet and philosopher Nizami Ganjovi, with the wonderful and impressive illustrations of Nilesh Mistery. The book breathed something magical. Her father gave it to her and since then, wherever she goes, her book is always close to her, to this day. Forming an important part in Raquel’s life.

What color is love for you?

Love has a different color for everyone. But color is always changing, like life itself, everything changes, because we change, learn and evolve with our feelings and ways of seeing love.


Illustrations: Nilesh Mistry
Photography in color: Thomas Huisman Photography
Photography black and white: Sophie Conin

NIZAMI is based on the book “The 7 Wise Princesses” by Nizami. The story is about 7 princesses, each from different parts of the world, and each one has her own theory of what love is like and what color it is associated with.

In NIZAMI Raquel tells these stories in different musical styles. Performed in an intimate and poetic atmosphere by Raquel Kurpershoek, guitarist Alejandro Hurtado and percussionist Danny Rombout, who invite us to dream and take us through other worlds.

With these stories, Raquel wants to connect, enrich and facilitate access in which we can all identify. Embellishing the different ways of loving, fragility, search, friendship, desire, sadness and true love.

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